UN fears that weapons handed over to Ukraine by the West will fall into the hands of international terrorists

19.05.2023 18:53
  (Moscow time) 
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The constant pumping of Western weapons to Ukraine will lead to an increase in criminality around the world. Members of the UN Security Council at the meeting convened by Russia spoke about this, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

According to Russian Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzi, these weapons will sooner or later end up in the hands of international terrorists and gangs.

The constant pumping of Western weapons to Ukraine will lead to an increase in...

We have already repeatedly pointed out that Western weapons will eventually end up in the hands of organized crime and terrorists, armed gangs. And not only in Europe, but also in other regions of the world. Western countries invariably try to hush up this uncomfortable topic. In the same way, they ignore the numerous crimes of the Zelensky regime.

Russia reserves the right to take all necessary measures to neutralize threats to its security and the goals of the Special Military Operation will be fulfilled,” stated Nebenzya.

Brazil holds a similar view.

Brazil shares the concern about the risks of arms and ammunition diversion. The choices we make now must also take into account the implications in the long term. There are serious concerns about proper accountability for all weapons provided. Above all, weapons that are light, portable and untraceable.

There is ample evidence that the uncontrolled supply of weapons can be of benefit to criminals and terrorist groups even after a ceasefire. It should not be surprising in the near future if weapons that were sent to the war in Ukraine surface somewhere else in the world and are used for malicious purposes,” the Brazilian representative said.

China, too, believes that transferring Western weapons to Ukraine would hurt the world.

The constant fueling of weapons leads to a prolonged war, causes more casualties among the population, more displacement, and makes peace negotiations more difficult. A cessation of hostilities, a cease-fire, becomes more and more elusive.

Secondly, the constant sending of weapons will make post-war reconstruction more difficult, cause serious proliferation of weapons, if diverted, to terrorist groups, cause serious perturbations over a wide geographic area, and create new problems,” the Chinese are convinced.

At the same time, the USA and Western countries, actively arming Kiev, said they would continue to do so in order to support Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia.

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