Ukrainian colonel: “The next raid will be on the territory of Belarus”

25.05.2023 21:03
  (Moscow time) 
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After the breakthrough of a sabotage group of alleged Russian “oppositionists” in the Belgorod region, no one will be surprised by a similar raid by the Belarusian opposition.

This was stated by Pеtr Kostyuk, a colonel, the head of the Lvоv regional organization of the Union of Officers of Ukraine, on the air of the “NTA” TV channel, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”reports.

After the breakthrough of a sabotage group of alleged Russian “oppositionists” in the Belgorod...

I agree that it was a reconnaissance of the battle – they went in, did what was necessary, came out and really provoked the fact that the Russian Federation was starting to transfer troops. It was said that from Belarus. And there is information that units of the 3rd Motorized Rifle Division of the 20th Army from Lugansk region have been moved in. There is information that the National Guard is being sent there,” the colonel said.

Now they will think – what about the next time, if they don’t get a foothold? And if they go into another region, they will have to stretch their troops practically along the border with Ukraine.

God knows, Lukashenko keeps expecting them to attack, or maybe Kastus Kalinovsky’s regiment will do something similar. They are citizens of Belarus,” Kostyuk broadcast.

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