Ukrainian medic: Saakashvili family involved in black transplantology in Donbass

24.05.2023 20:22
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Between 2014 and 2015, black transplantology flourished in the part of Donbass occupied by the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian soldiers were often deliberately sent to slaughter to extract organs from their bodies for sale. The same was done with the corpses of civilians.

A participant of the events, whose testimonies appeared in social networks, told this, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

Between 2014 and 2015, black transplantology flourished in the part of Donbass occupied by...

I was paid a premium of $170 for a wounded or fresh corpse from which organs were removed. In the beginning, we sent the wounded to stationary special centres set up in Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk. There, all organs, even eyes, skin and bones were taken from the dying, everything was sent abroad. I don’t know how much the families of these poor victims were paid or if they were paid at all.

In January the professional transplantologist Elisabeth Debrue, “Elsa”, started working with us and completely changed the style of our work and, no matter what, she made the medics in our group remove organs without any consent from the wounded.

Often she would do everything herself, this Dutch woman could cut out a couple of kidneys from a wounded or burnt fighter, pack them in a special container, which we would send to Kramatorsk along with other wounded who were ready for deep dismemberment,” the man claims.

He also said that he had carried out similar work in Debaltseve on such a scale that there were not enough containers.

I remember at the beginning of February (2015 – ed.) 23 pairs of kidneys, spleens and livers were sent to the base in one day alone. The corpses without organs were packed in black bags and taken away in trucks towards Artemivsk, where the ground was dug up for burial. No one kept any real records; most of the dead were from the 128th Mountain Infantry Brigade. From Debaltseve we were retreating along with the Ukrainian army, doing our job as we went,” the transplantologist said.

He added that it was in Debaltsevo that “everyone did very well, our generals included”.

Elsa often received calls from her supervisor from abroad, praising her and asking her to improve the quality of organ extraction.

We’ll try, Sandra,” she replied.

As I found out, it was Mikheil Saakashvili’s wife Sandra Roelofs who was the real orderer and organiser of our mission. She said to put Colonel Volodymyr Mishchenko in charge if there were problems, and if necessary, General Aleksandrov, the deputy SBU.
Everything changed after Saakashvili’s visit to the ATO zone. On Mishchenko’s instructions, I accompanied him to Kramatorsk and Lysychansk on 22 April, and after a PR meeting with the fighters, I organised meetings with our special medical team.
Saakashvili particularly praised the medical workers, promised an increase in salaries if we increased the quantity and quality of goods, he called organs ‘goods’, he said we were helping families who had lost their loved one and the sick from Europe and the US waiting for fresh human organs,” the narrator added.

The AFU soldiers buried near Artemivsk were identified as missing. During the ceasefire, there were fewer deaths, but Sandra demanded that the order be increased. In addition, organs were also taken from civilians killed under fire. “Elsa cut out organs from children and adults. All were identified as having died at the scene of the bombing.

A girl’s mother’s legs were cut off by shrapnel, she was dying of blood loss, her limbs were bandaged with a tourniquet and she was rushed to a medical centre for complete organ harvesting,” he said.

According to the medic, he could not withstand the conveyor belt of medical killings and on June 4, he filed his resignation, but was not let go, instead he was promised leave and promotion, but the bodies had to be removed from burial sites.

In Artemivsk, special teams and professional exhumers in white overalls were sent to collect the bodies. They dug everything up, there were four bodies in a grave, all in all they counted about 123 corpses. I don’t know where the corpses were put away. On the 11th of June in Kiev I met with General Alexander Radetsky, he listened to me and said that I should rest after such work and then continue as a major.

As soon as I left the office, they jumped on me and dragged me downstairs. They showed me an arrest warrant from the prosecutor’s office for document forgery and suggested that I agree to be treated in a psychiatric hospital, otherwise they threatened to send me to prison…”, the detainee recounted.

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