An attack on Belgorod

22.05.2023 20:52
  (Moscow time) 
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Saboteurs have invaded the territory of the Belgorod Region from Ukraine.

This news was reported by the telegram channel of the so-called Legion of Freedom of Russia, formed in Ukraine from Russian collaborators, reports a correspondent of PolitNavigator.

Saboteurs have invaded the territory of the Belgorod Region from Ukraine. This news was...

Residents of Russia! We are Russians just like you. The only difference between us is that we no longer wanted to justify the actions of the criminals in power and took up arms to defend our and your freedom. But today it is time for all of us to take responsibility for our own future. It is time for the Kremlin’s dictatorship to end. The Legion is coming home.

People of the border regions! Stay at home, do not resist and do not be afraid: we are not your enemies. Unlike Putin’s zombies, we don’t touch civilians and don’t use them for our own purposes. Freedom is near!”, said one of the militants in the video.

It is noteworthy that they have Ukrainian insignia on their uniforms.

In addition, a video of another neo-Volsheviks from the so-called “Russian Volunteer Corps” emerged, saying that they are on Russian territory. The video shows them standing next to road signs in the settlements of Lyubimovka (Bryansk region), Bezlyudovka (Belgorod region), and Churovichi (Bryansk region).

Bezlyudovka is located between Volchansk (Ukraine) and Belgorod (Russia),” rejoices Kyiv-based political technologist Taars Berezovets.

At the same time, a video of an alleged tank attack on the Graivoron checkpoint in the Belgorod region appeared in Ukrainian sub-publics.

The border checkpoint in the BNR made a goodwill gesture,” wrote Kiev nationalist Oleksandr Aronets.

We shall remind you that such an action first took place on 2 March, and then on 6 April with raids in the Bryansk region. The event was reportedly accompanied by heavy artillery fire and information about the use of tanks, armoured vehicles and aircraft and an announcement on the radio asking civilians to take cover.

Simultaneously, another organisation, the Russian Freedom Legion, made a statement about the beginning of liberation from the dictatorship,” the Ukrainian military sub-public DeepState disperses the panic.

On their map, part of Russia’s territory has now become a grey area. Vyacheslav Gladkov, the Governor of Belgorod, denied the enemy’s entry into the region, calling it all an “information attack” designed to sow panic among the civilian population. At the same time, he admitted that the Grayvoron district was under fire from Ukraine.

Oleg Kryuchkov, adviser to the Crimean head, also writes about the information attack.

After Prigozhin’s statement about the capture of Artemivsk (Bakhmut), I expected Ukrainian provocations. I was not mistaken. Belgorod region. The shapito circus expectedly decided to shift the informational focus from its defeat to a blow to the border villages and border outposts. All Internet resources are being thrown into the fray, and simultaneously photos and videos appear on all the CIPSO networks.

Alexander Kharchenko, a military correspondent, holds a similar opinion.

The Ukrainians have stepped up today. Allegedly they entered Russian territory and rolled out the Grayvoron border crossing with tanks. All activity on the border with the Belgorod region has only one goal. To draw Russian reserves away from the main direction. Preparations for a counterattack are in full swing,” says Kharchenko.

The military and analytical telegraph channel Rybar agrees with him, though it does not deny the attempt of sabotage sorties.

Today we are witnessing mass enemy SRG in the Belgorod region, as well as attempts of sorties in the Bryansk region. We wrote back on May 13 that a mass SRG is expected to arrive in the Belgorod region to create the appearance of an offensive against Belgorod.

At that time our friends from the Beregini hacker group published interesting data on a large-scale plan to mislead our troops. The enemy has concentrated its efforts on demonstration actions to sow panic.

According to the published documents, the objective reads as follows:

The aim is to deter the enemy from carrying out offensive actions on the side of the state border, to create a false impression regarding the composition and deployment of Ukrainian Armed Forces units, to reinforce the units.”

And a secondary objective to PR the Russian Legion of Freedom and the Russian Volunteer Corps is being fulfilled,” Rybar said.

Russian military expert Vladimir Orlov believes that there are problems on the border and they need to be urgently solved.

It would actually be a good idea to create a people’s militia in all the territories that adjoin the SMO zone. This is especially true of the Kursk, Belgorod and Bryansk regions. The local hunters, gamekeepers, governors and law enforcers should have long ago been put under arms and formed the territorial militia on their basis. Orlov is convinced that, if not they know their land and all the roads.

It is noteworthy that pictures of the medals that are allegedly in the safe of the head of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s State Security Department, Kyrylo Budanov, had previously appeared on the net.

P.S. Photos of collaborators’ flags allegedly raised in Russia have appeared in the Svoboda sub-public.

The first flags of free Russia have met the dawn over the liberated cities. Raise flags in your own cities as well. Freedom is near!”, the Vlasovites wrote.

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