Gagauzia defeats Romanian fascist Sandu

23.05.2023 21:26
  (Moscow time) 
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Attempts by pro-Western Moldovan President Maia Sandu to derail elections in the pro-Russian autonomy of Gagauzia have failed.

Eight days after the voting day the Appellate Chamber of Comrat (capital of Gagauzia) finally recognized Eugenia Gutsul as the head of the autonomy, the PolitNavigator correspondent reports.

Attempts by pro-Western Moldovan President Maia Sandu to derail elections in the pro-Russian autonomy...

The delay happened because two days after the vote Chisinau sent police and special forces to Comrat. The law enforcers opened criminal cases against all election participants, handed out summons for questioning to all members of the local election commission and tried to remove ballots.

Chisinau residents were confronted by a crowd of outraged Gagauz. All those who had just fought the elections united. On a wave of protest, the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia recognized Gutsul as bashkan, though not quite in line with the legal procedure.

Now all formalities will be observed. The Court of Appeal will hand over the decision to the CEC of Gagauzia within 24 hours, and then the CEC will publish the final results of the election. Then the People’s Assembly will have to convene once again, but this time for a solemn meeting and to take the oath of the bashkan.

True, in theory, Chisinau can still appeal the decision of the Comrat Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court, but will it dare to do so? Today, a crowd stood outside the court building all day long, cheering the decision in favour of Gucul, chanting “Victory!”.

If the security forces once again try to take away this people’s victory, the case could turn into a real riot.

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