The general of the AFU accused Budanov of stalling the AFU offensive

01.07.2023 21:19
  (Moscow time) 
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The opinion that the Ukrainian counterattack was launched because of pressure from “Western partners” is a lie and manipulation, because it was the Kiev authorities themselves who shouted to the whole world about the upcoming “counterattack”, during which the Russians will be defeated.

The former deputy secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine, former commander of the AFU, General Sergei Krivonos, stated this on the channel PRM Live, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

The opinion that the Ukrainian counterattack was launched because of pressure from “Western partners”...

We are now being formed a point of view, allegedly we were forced to this counterattack. No, we were the ones telling everyone else that we were about to go on the offensive – let’s face the truth. It was our politicians who were telling the whole world – the foreign minister, the prime minister and various other politicians at every level were telling people abroad how we were getting ready to go on the offensive.

Our partners understood from these words that we were ready, that we had received what we asked for. But, unfortunately, we did not get everything we asked for, we did not take everything into account, and I am not even talking about the use and receipt of aviation.

So what our Western partners say is one thing, we make the decisions and we are responsible, and we are the ones who pay with human lives, so listen to others, but make your own decisions, that’s what we have to understand,” Kryvonos said.

He resented that many officials were already saying the war would end in 2023.

Yes, if you listen to the man from Rybalsky Island there (the head of the Ukrainian GUR Kirill Budanov, – ed.), we should probably have already been in Crimea. If you listen to him, you must clearly understand that the katsaks ran out of missiles long ago, that we will be in Crimea almost at the beginning of summer, although they did not specify which summer.We need to clearly understand that this war will be going on for a long time.And no matter how negatively my words are perceived, we must look at things soberly and not deceive ourselves,” urged the general.

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