Ukrainian MP: Discontent is growing in the West – Zelensky is embezzling all the aid

03.06.2023 21:50
  (Moscow time) 
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The countries of the Western bloc are already openly expressing their discontent with Ukraine, whose leadership is stealing all the aid that has been sent to it.

This was stated in the air of his video blog by a former member of the presidential faction “Servant of the People”, MP Geo Leros, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

The countries of the Western bloc are already openly expressing their discontent with Ukraine,...

Zelensky, Ermak – traitors. Their whole team are thieves and traitors, and the whole bunch should sit in prison.

The national television of France has already started talking about this. They are already talking about just a rampant level of corruption in our country. And this will have very sad consequences.

Because the leaders of all countries are well aware of what is going on in our country, they have objective information about the level of corruption, about how Zelensky’s team is simply destroying the country from within. This is genocide against Ukrainians. Because all the funds are aimed not at winning, but at how to stuff them into offshore companies,” Leros said.

The deputy stressed that at this rate, the West will simply stop supplying Ukraine with aid, and Kiev will be left alone with Russia.

Now the citizens of European countries begin to see it, European television begins to talk about it – told completely about how the contracts are not fulfilled, how it was completely withdrawn to the offshore. Very sad consequences await us – they will simply stop helping us,” he added.


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