“Two brigades of the AFU will take all of Hungary in 24 hours”: offended Soskin threatened Orban

28.06.2023 22:51
  (Moscow time) 
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Hungary is too arrogant, allowing itself to say that Ukraine will not be in NATO and that it will not defeat Russia, while calling itself a country of the West.

Ukrainian economist and political scientist Oleg Soskin, who sympathizes with nationalists, said this in his video blog, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

Hungary is too arrogant, allowing itself to say that Ukraine will not be in...

He [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban] said that Ukraine is not a sovereign country. Moreover, he said that since Ukraine is not a sovereign country, accordingly it is not able to fight itself: “They have no money, they have no weapons, they can only fight because we are in the West…” So he says “we are in the West.” Hungary is the West now, you hear? It has always been a colony of the Soviet Union, fully occupied since 1956. Would he say, is he an agent of Golushka and Mogilevich or not?

He says he is concerned about saving Ukraine: the problem is that the Ukrainians will run out of soldiers before the Russians do, and that will be the deciding factor in the end. The fact that Ukraine will not be in NATO is clear, he said that Ukraine is incapable of winning the war against Russia. The important thing is that now they [Hungarians] have stated that they [Hungarians] will not let there be European integration, they have blocked a 500 million military aid package to Ukraine from the EU Peace Fund, they said they would not give the money. That is, in fact, Orban is already pursuing an absolutely pro-Putin hard-line geopolitical line, everything,” Soskin is indignant.

The expert threatened that Ukraine could take over Hungary in no time.

Ukraine, which today has essentially the most powerful army in Europe, combat, somewhere at the level of a million people, armed with any weapons and former Soviet modernized, and Western all systems, so that it was somehow built in there somewhere.And Hungary is the West, there is somewhere if now 6 million population realistically.I’ve been to Hungary dozens of times, there is no cat there, there are farms, cooperatives, they do not care about anything.

By analogy with the Ukrainian army – a couple of brigades, and they will pass this Hungary in a day or so, they will reach the borders with Austria, Slovakia, Romania.To repeat Khrushchev’s 1956 Soviet Union experience, what do you think? That is, in fact, Orban has completely written off Ukraine, the Ukrainian nation, the Ukrainian people,” the political scientist added.

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