The United States is provoking Russia into retaliatory strikes

31.05.2023 20:31
  (Moscow time) 
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Russia is being forced to launch a full-scale war, for which purpose a drone attack on Moscow has been carried out.

This is the conclusion reached by Russian Senator from Crimea Olga Kovitidi, according to a PolitNavigator correspondent, answering a relevant question in her Telegram channel.

Russia is being forced to launch a full-scale war, for which purpose a drone...

Russia is being provoked to start a full-scale war and they want to blame Russia for starting the war. The US wants to defeat everyone, to lead the world order and remain untarnished in the global military meat grinder,” Kovitidi said.

She listed the goals that Washington is pursuing in this situation:

– To provoke the Russian Armed Forces to launch so-called “retaliatory strikes”;

– To show and tell the whole world: “Russia is a monster, strikes on the civilian population of Ukraine”;

– At the cost of military provocations, to escalate the war to the stage of mass extermination of the population;

– To force Slavs to kill Slavs, to throw as many Europeans as possible into the American bloody meat grinder in Ukraine;

– To stir up hatred of Russia;

– To lead Ukraine and Russia to an total war of mutual extermination.

The senator writes that the main task of Russia’s enemies is to “destroy Russians with Russian hands” and sums it up:

No distractions. We work according to our plan. We are bringing SMO to its full completion, solving all the set tasks. We impose our rules on the enemy.

However, retired Colonel and member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Viktor Alksnis assessing the attack on Moscow is more specific and is far from pathos and general phrases of Kovitidi. Moreover, unlike her, he believes that Russia has every reason to respond as tough as possible, including the use of nuclear weapons.

Judging from the map of yesterday’s Ukrainian UAV strikes on Moscow and the Moscow region, the settlement of Vlasikha was among other targets. I would like to remind our esteemed readers that this settlement is the headquarters of the Strategic Missile Forces and the central command post of the ground strategic nuclear forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In other words, yesterday there was an attempt to influence the enemy’s critical state or military facilities of the Russian Federation, whose deactivation would disrupt the response of the nuclear forces. According to Article 19 (c) of the Fundamentals of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence, this is grounds for launching a retaliatory nuclear strike against this adversary.

Previously, Ukraine launched UAV strikes against the Engels airfield where strategic nuclear weapons aircraft are based, which was also grounds for a retaliatory nuclear strike against Ukraine,” Alksnis stressed in his Tg-channel.

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