The Russians are coming! The configuration of the front has significantly changed near Kharkov

27.06.2023 16:41
  (Moscow time) 
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Rumors of the transfer of additional Russian army units to the Kharkov direction have already been confirmed. Since the evening of June 26, reports of heavy fighting near Kupyansk and heavy losses of the Ukrainian army began to come in.

Information spread in the Kharkiv publicity boards that after a massive missile strike by the Russian Air Force on AFU positions near Kupyansk, there was a fiery glow of fire. This may indicate that missiles hit and destroyed Ukrainian ammunition depots.

Rumors of the transfer of additional Russian army units to the Kharkov direction have...

A similar situation is observed on the Volchansk side. According to rumors that are spreading among the residents of the city, it was under Volchansk that some units of the Wagner PMC were redeployed, after which the number of admissions to Kharkiv hospitals rapidly increased.

As PolitNavigator wrote earlier, to suppress any panic, local authorities imposed a moratorium on the hospitalization of wounded soldiers in Kharkiv hospitals.

But for the second day, eyewitnesses have noted queues of ambulances lined up near the Kharkiv ambulance hospital at night. This suggests a critical situation at the front and heavy losses of the Ukrainian army.

By the morning of June 27, retired Lieutenant Colonel Andriy Marochko of the People’s Republic of China (LNR) said that the AFU command decided to withdraw its combat-ready units from their forward positions near Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region due to the advance of Russian forces. He specified that the command of the AFU is trying to strengthen its positions on the second line at the expense of the territorial defense battalions.

Over the past 24 hours, the Russian army launched artillery and mortar strikes on positions of Ukrainian formations in settlements of Kharkiv, Kupyansk, Bogodukhov and Chuguev districts of the region. In particular, such settlements as Kupyansk, Udy, Krasnaya Zarya, Odnorobovka, Veternernoye, Goptovka, Strelka, Kozacha Lopan, Pletenivka, Ogurtsovo, Budarki, Chugunovka, Krasnoye Pervoye, Figolevka, Novomolynsk, Dvurechnaya,

According to the geography of the above mentioned towns and villages, we can state a significant advance of the RF Armed Forces to the borders of the city itself. This is evidenced by the approach of explosions from artillery fights. And if earlier they tried to disguise such explosions as training and demining, today people simply do not believe it.

Despite the fact that the Kharkiv authorities conceal information about what is happening on the front, representatives of the eastern grouping of the AFU are already publicly speaking about the activity of the Russian armed forces in the Kupian-Limansk direction. They point out that over the past week, the number of shelling and sorties by Russian ERGs has increased several times.

After the Russian president’s latest address, it is clear that Russia will not retreat from its stated objectives. As Vladimir Putin noted, the Russian army is liberating not only the Donetsk and Luhansk republics, but also all of Novorossiya. Which includes Kharkiv.

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