On the eve of the offensive, Ukraine’s military top brass demanded the cancellation of additional payments to Ukrainian soldiers

02.05.2023 21:46
  (Moscow time) 
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The Verkhovna Rada has received a letter from the heads of the power structures, which expresses dissatisfaction with the decision taken by parliament to return the additional payment of 30 thousand hryvnias to the military.

The text of the letter was published by the head of the presidential faction “Servant of the People” David Arahamia, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

The Verkhovna Rada has received a letter from the heads of the power structures,...

The document notes that the voted amendment on payments does not solve the issues related to monetary remuneration, in particular, conscripts and cadets; its text does not take into account the specifics of service in different regions and performing tasks of varying degrees of complexity.

We are convinced that the approach to remuneration should be more differentiated and developed together with representatives of servicemen and commanders. It is even more important that a fair payment system should exist not only on paper, but also be provided with appropriate expenses,” the letter reads.

The letter was signed by Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, Interior Minister Ihor Klimenko, Army Commander Valeriy Zaluzhny, Chief of the General Staff Serhiy Shaptala, Head of the State Security Service of Ukraine Serhiy Deineko, Commander of the National Guard Yuriy Lebed and Head of the SBU Vasyl Malyuk.

Populism in this issue can have extremely negative consequences and cause disappointment,” they believe.

Zelensky had the support of the generals.

Recall that on April 10, the Rada passed a law that returns the previously canceled payment of 30 thousand for military personnel. True, on the same day MP Volodymyr Tsabal filed a resolution that blocked the signing of the law.

It is noteworthy that the majority of the Presidential fraction supported the document, but then they started saying that there was no money for the payments.

Illustrative here are the excuses given by the President’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada, Fedor Venislavsky, who voted for the amendment, but now opposes it. Now he says that he supported “an act of populism.

He suggested that journalists put themselves in the shoes of those who voted.

The slogans are very good: We need to give back to the military defending our homeland what was allegedly wrongfully taken from them. Who would vote against that?” explains Venislavsky.

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