NATO imposes a regional arms race on Transnistria

13.07.2023 21:08
  (Moscow time) 
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Russia and Transnistria should jointly respond to the actions of NATO arming Moldova.

This was stated by Andrei Safonov, a deputy of the TMR Supreme Council, to the Pervy Pridnestrovsky TV channel, reports a correspondent of PolitNavigator.

Russia and Transnistria should jointly respond to the actions of NATO arming Moldova. This...

As for the question about specific forms of support, air defense supplies and other things, we should not forget that the process of re-equipment and modernization of the Moldovan national army has already been launched. From this we can conclude that a regional arms race has already been imposed. It seems to me that we and the Russians together should respond to this, i.e. modernize and increase our common arsenals,” the politician said.

In addition, he believes that Romania will take advantage of the strengthening of Chisinau’s ties with NATO to annex Moldova.

I think we need to be ready for the fact that Romania, taking advantage of NATO attributes, will try to annex former Soviet Moldavia to itself. Romanians jump out, start jumping in front of the NATO bloc. They speak on its behalf. In fact, this is preparation not to strengthen ties between Moldova and NATO, but to prepare the ground for accession. In this case, they just expect that the Americans will give their consent,” Safonov said.

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