Kyiv has come to its senses: it is urgent to plaster Nazi crosses on tanks of the AFU

21.06.2023 19:18
  (Moscow time) 
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Commanders of brigades and battalions of the AFU should be concerned about removing Nazi crosses on armored vehicles and remove chevrons with SS symbols from Ukrainian soldiers.

This was stated by Ukrainian political analyst Ruslan Bortnik on the channel of the Kiev propagandist Alexander Shelest, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

Commanders of brigades and battalions of the AFU should be concerned about removing Nazi...

It’s clear that everything anti-Russian and anti-Soviet organically became popular at a certain point after the Russian invasion, and even then [earlier], but we should still not cross that line. As for Nazism, we must understand that for the entire normal world it is an absolute evil. All these crosses on tanks, all this symbolism associated with the “dead head,” all this must be cleaned up very carefully by our deputy heads of brigades and battalions. So that it is not public,” Bortnik urged.

Shelest reminded that “there are problems and in the rear,” for example, in Kiev removed the plaque with the names of the players of the “death match”, which took place during the Hitler occupation.

I don’t even care so much that someone was taken down, I care about who was put up. Because those people who served, who swore an oath to Nazism or Hitler, a pantheon of national heroes cannot be created on their basis. There is such a definition “damned soldiers”. Even if they wanted the independence of Ukraine and served other armies and regimes, which are condemned by the whole world, we must remember them, pity them, but for the pantheon of heroes we have many more unambiguous figures.

So we have to be very careful not to play along with the Russian propaganda. All this aesthetics should be scrubbed from the military, from the state discourse. What are the crosses on tanks for? Draw a trident on the tank, we have our own symbols”, – the political scientist quipped.

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