Crimea proposes to hit NATO propaganda with Mosfilm

02.06.2023 21:08
  (Moscow time) 
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A series of viral videos should be launched about the explosion of the Yellowstone volcano and the fall of the Eiffel Tower in response to fake videos about the damage to the Ivan Khurs ship.

This was proposed by Crimean political observer Sergey Veselovskyy on the air of NTS, the PolitNavigator correspondent reports.

A series of viral videos should be launched about the explosion of the Yellowstone...

On 24 May, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked a Russian reconnaissance ship in the Black Sea under cover of fog, but the sailors managed to detect and destroy the drones. Despite this, Ukrainian telegraph channels claimed that the Ivan Khurs was significantly damaged and sunk. As evidence, they used a photo of the US destroyer Cole hit by al-Qaeda terrorists. And even when the Ivan Khurs returned to Sevastopol on its own and without visible damage, the story continued to be actively circulated on social media.

Of course you can argue your case to the hilt, you can show any footage you like, but back in the days of the Ukrainian Crimea I said that any idiocy had to be brought to the point of absurdity. I would now, to be honest, ask our wonderful guys who are talented, friendly and have a lot of internet skills to use neuronetworks and make clips like this, similar, beautiful, naturalistic, in which anything happens to a US aircraft carrier group, New York in ruins.

Although the Americans have succeeded in this, Hollywood films are shown in a very naturalistic way, you can just take fragments and show: “right now, on live TV, Olga Skabeeva is telling all the Russian people how Yellowstone exploded. Look what’s happening! We are contacting our own correspondent Valentin Bogdanov.” Bogdanov is put there instead of that ginger madman, he stands with a microphone that has the word “Russia” on it: “behind my back right now you see the exploding volcano. Guys, of course I’m going to die, but I’m so happy, that’s it, the end of America”.

And this can all be broadcast and shown,” Veselovsky explained.

– I’m saying it as a joke, of course, but any idiocy can be driven to absurdity, to spin it, to run it on different websites-let the guys be horrified and think, ‘Holy shit, I live 70 kilometers from Paris, but they show me how the Eiffel Tower is falling, and Russian tanks are marching, and guys from the Wagner Group are running around shouting, ‘You wanted music? Did you want music, you got it, bang-bang-bang.” And that’s it, no Paris. There’s homosexual blacks falling torn apart , straight guys cheering with Russian flags, shouting “Viva Rues! Viva Rues!”. All in all, it’s all good. Make clips like that, run them all over the net, let them go crazy and we’ll laugh.” “We already laugh when they show us our ship torn apart, and how many people 100 km away from Sevastopol have no idea, and someone will believe their nonsense. No, we have to respond to the nonsense with super nonsense, so that they would get hysterical and prove that it’s not true, it was the Russians who made it all up. And we will say: no, Russia 1 has just shown, NTS has shown it, Veselovsky has told about it, and Valentin Bogdanov told everything right from the doorway,” he suggested.

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