An American village will appear in the suburbs of Moscow

12.05.2023 19:01
  (Moscow time) 
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“American Village,” which will house 200 families from the United States, will begin construction in Serpukhov district of Moscow region in 2024.

Timur Beslangurov, general director of the Vista Emigration law firm, said this at the 11th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, a PolitNavigator correspondent reports.

“American Village,” which will house 200 families from the United States, will begin construction...

Mostly they are Orthodox Christians. Americans and Canadians who for ideological reasons want to move to Russia. The project is funded entirely by the foreigners themselves. There’s no state or local funding, but approval and support from the Moscow region government was required,” Beslangurov said.

He said tens of thousands of people from Canada, the United States, Australia and Germany want to move to Russia.

The reasons are known. It is the imposition in the West of radical left-liberal values that have virtually no boundaries. Today they have 70 genders, tomorrow it is not clear what will happen. Many normal people, who are also there, do not understand this, and they want to emigrate. And many choose Russia, but encounter a huge number of bureaucratic problems here due to the imperfection of Russian migration laws,” Beslangurov said.

One of the most important motives for foreigners to move to Russia is religious.

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